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Committed to our partners in Thompson

February 16, 2022

Manitoba Operations Health, Safety and Risk manager Stacy Kennedy, left, and Vale Manitoba Operations head Gary Annett, third from right, present $250,000 to the Thompson Community Wellness & Safety Advisory Committee, represented by co-chairs Sonya Wiseman (second from left), Dee Chaboyer (third from left) and Thompson RCMP Inspector Jenny Melanson (second from right), along with Thompson Fire & Emergency Services deputy chief Ashling Sweeny (middle) and Thompson City manager Anthony McInnis (right). Photo taken at Ma Mow We Tak Friendship Centre. Photo: Vale Archive

Recently, our operations in Manitoba made two significant donations to support community safety and help the City of Thompson become more sustainable for generations to come. 

Giving back to the communities in which we operate and live is hardwired into our company culture, and it speaks loud and proud to our purpose: Vale exists to improve life and transform the future. Together. 

Further, these donations align with one of our four purpose pillars: serving society, giving back to all. According to Tara Ritchie, Corporate Affairs specialist, “We are happy to support our partners in their continuous improvement journey.” 

$250,000 for safety and wellness  

Our company contributed $250,000 to the Thompson community wellness and public safety committee for a new shelter in place program (SHIPP) at the former University College of the North campus building that will eventually house a sobering centre. Sobering centres are facilities that provides short-term recovery and recuperation from the effects of acute alcohol or drug intoxication. 

Gary Annett, head, of Manitoba Operations, was quoted in the local paper underscoring our company’s obsession for safety: “We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility and Vale is proud to support this initiative.” 

The community wellness and safety advisory committee (CWSAC), which Vale recently joined, is overseeing the funds for the SHIPP. “We fully support the committee’s collaborative approach to achieve a safer and healthier Thompson,” Gary added. 

In addition to our company and the city, CWSAC is made up of more than 30 key community stakeholders such as the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre, the RCMP and others.

$125,000 for asset management software

From left: Vale Manitoba Operations head Gary Annett, left, presents a $125,000 cheque to Thompson city manager Anthony McInnis, deputy mayor Brian Lundmark and Mayor Colleen Smook in council chambers. The money is earmarked for the purchase of asset management software. City council chamber. Photo: Vale Archive

In 2019, our Thompson colleagues welcomed City of Thompson officials to our site and gave them a tour to learn about our VPS program and to share methodologies for improving safety, lowering costs and improving integrated operations and maintenance planning. Our company’s recent donation of $125,000 is yet another example of our commitment to the long-term sustainable future of our community. 

Just as Vale uses integrated operations scheduling (IOS) for infrastructure and equipment at our operations – so too must all cities to manage their parks, buildings, equipment and more. 

“Vale is proud to support the city with community development initiatives that strengthen and improve the sustainability of Thompson and the region,” Gary said at a recent press conference. “Vale recognizes the benefits of an asset management program for efficient long-term planning, and we know from experience the importance of integrated operations scheduling for cost savings and sustainable improvement.” 

Thompson’s Mayor Colleen Smook added, “We need a strong plan to make sure (our) investments last, and we need the right tools to make good on those plans. A clear and complete database for asset management is central to that success.”

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