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Let’s send kids to school hungry for knowledge – not hungry for food

April 12, 2017

Breakfast matters
From left to right: Danica Pagnutti, Angele Young and Kristian Mulligan from Better Beginnings, Better Futures and Paul Lethbridge from Breakfast Club of Canada. Photo: Vale Archive
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The numbers are hard to digest first thing in the morning. In fact, hearing them (or reading them) any time of day is downright worrisome: one in five Canadian children goes to school hungry – without a nutritious breakfast to start their day. Now consider that 60 per cent of the school curriculum is taught before lunch. It doesn’t take advanced math skills to understand how comprehension, focus and behaviour can be compromised when a youngster’s tummy is running on empty, and how this problem, if we let it continue, will adversely affect the development of our children across the country.

By feeding kids a healthy breakfast, we leave them free to focus on learning, having fun and just being kids.

But there’s hope.  Since 2015, Vale Canada has donated $250,000 over two years to the Breakfast Club of Canada.  At a cost of only $1 per meal, our donation has helped provide 250,000 meals to students across Canada. And that should make all of us very proud.

Danica Pagnutti, corporate affairs specialist for our Ontario Operations in Sudbury, recently had the opportunity to celebrate how the donation has made an impact at St. David’s Catholic School. She was joined by a representative from Breakfast Club of Canada and the lead agency that delivers nutritional programs in Sudbury, Better Beginnings, Better Futures. 

“We know that breakfast is crucial to a child’s development, and their access to this meal in a safe and secure environment makes all the difference. Partnerships like this allow the Club to reach more children in schools across the country,” said Paul Lethbridge, director, Business Development at Breakfast Club of Canada.

Pagnutti and Lethbridge helped the staff at St. David’s Catholic School serve a healthy lunch to a kindergarten class.

“By feeding kids a healthy breakfast, we leave them free to focus on learning, having fun and just being kids,” said Pagnutti. “Children should go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food.”

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