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Open house puts Kronau Project plans on display

October 27, 2014

Lara Ludwig, community relations lead, Kronau Project, discusses the proposed potash mine with a community member. Vale Archive.

In our industry, new projects take years to plan, thousands of people to build and can literally change the landscape – that’s why it’s so important for Vale to work closely with our communities.

Our Kronau Project team in Saskatchewan hosted local residents and businesses at a “Come & Go” open house earlier this month, keeping them in the loop on our proposed new potash mine plans.

“This was a great opportunity for our team to touch base with the Kronau community and better understand what people need from Vale,” said Kathryn Pollack, manager of the Kronau Project’s land, environment and community team. “We confirmed our local stakeholders are engaged and want to participate in the Kronau Project development process.”

The proposed mine has already received the go-ahead by the province. Over the next year, Vale is conducting the last stages of feasibility, which include construction planning, financing and discussions with any potential partners.

Around 85 community members joined us at the local curling arena for a late afternoon, early evening meet-and-greet and a casual chance to talk over a slice of pumpkin pie.

Besides a project update, the event featured a dialogue area with a topics board that made it easy for people to vote on subjects they most wanted to discuss with Vale or pose any questions that hadn’t yet been addressed.

Our guests overwhelmingly asked us to keep sending emails and updates through the Vale Voice. Key concerns included any roads rerouted, details on our Water Protection Plan and emergency planning, and practical matters such as where employees would be housed.

About 2,000 people would be employed during construction, creating about 350 permanent positions. A final decision will be made by the end of 2015, for construction to start by 2016.

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