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Roles and responsibilities: Information user versus information manager

October 14, 2014

Businesswoman Checking Postings on Office WindowYou already know how to correctly classify information and label documents here at Vale, but you might need a refresher on how to define the people who handle information and what their responsibilities are.

Information user

An information user is any employee or third-party worker (working for Vale) who has access to any information related to the company, whether that information is on-site, in Vale’s environment or somewhere else.


  • Access only information that he or she is permitted to access.
  • Respect and treat the information according to its classification.

Information manager

An information manager is a person who is responsible for information. He or she classifies it, authorizes its disclosure and manages access to it. In most cases, this person is the process owner, as he or she has the authority to define the scope and interfaces involved and to implement improvements to the process.


  • Classify the information he or she is responsible for (confidential, restricted, internal use or public).
  • Analyze and approve the availability and disposal of the information he or she is responsible for.
  • Authorize the transmission/transportation of corporate information he or she is responsible for outside Vale’s boundaries.

Depending on your situation, you may be an information user in some situations and an information manager in others. Please assess how to handle information correctly in every individual situation.

For further information and to see examples of classified materials, access the Practical Guide to Information Classification  and visit the Information Security page on the Global Intranet through this link. If you have questions, please send an e-mail

Information security is everyone’s responsibility!


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