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Scrolling through Sudbury’s mining history

December 2, 2020


Did you know that 62 years’ worth of INCO Triangle issues are available online for you to explore? The Triangle was a monthly newsletter for employees of then-INCO from 1936 and 1998, and was since replaced by yours truly: Vale News

Vale (which purchased INCO in 2006) helped sponsor the online Triangle Archives Project, in partnership with the Library Strategic Development Fund, the Ontario Ministry of Culture, the Greater Sudbury Public Library and Heritage Museums and Cambrian College.

Celebrating community

The project began when the library acquired a collection of Triangles through donations. The library team then scanned and digitized about 600 issues of the publication, which showcased the lives of employees and the operations of the company, as well as community events in and around Sudbury. 

According to the archive site, “the Triangle Digital Archives is a celebration of Ontario’s nickel mining heritage which led to the creation and development of Sudbury and its surrounding communities… It is our hope that it will strengthen Greater Sudbury by deepening its understanding of how the people of this community worked with industry to build our ever-growing and enduring city.”

Exploring the digital archives

These fascinating archives allow you to:

  • Search for specific issues, names or key words in the digital archive by clicking here.
  • Request a printout of a specific page, issue or photo by clicking here.

Did you or any family members read, or appear in, the Triangle? Please share your memories in the comments or email Vale News

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