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February 2, 2022

Are you familiar with our Cultural Transformation – why we are on this journey to be a better, safer company? According to Vale CEO Eduardo Bartolomeo, it’s ultimately about respect and commitment: “Our cultural transformation is a sign of respect for those who we lost in the Brumadinho tragedy and a commitment that we have signed with our employees, communities and the environment.”

The next question is: How? How are we going to transform our culture? There are several answers to this question – perhaps you know some or all? Test your Cultural Transformation knowledge by completing the True and False quiz, below. 

Welcome to your Take this Culture Transformation Quiz today

Our purpose – why we exist – is to improve life and transform the future, Together
These are our values: Life matters most. Act with integrity. Value the people who build our Company. Make it happen. Respect our planet and communities.
Vale’s Key behaviours, how we act, include an obsession with safety, open and transparent dialogue, active listening, empowerment with accountability and ownership for the whole.
Empowerment with accountability essentially means being accountable to ourselves.
These are our Company levers: Safety, VPS, People, Innovation and Sustainability.
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