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Thing you need to know for February 19, 2020 – More photos from #Snowmageddon

February 19, 2020

“I like to call this the Gate to Nowhere,” wrote Amy Copeland in an email to our Corporate Affairs team in Newfoundland and Labrador. Photo: Amy Copeland

Last week we shared some photos from our colleagues in Newfoundland and Labrador who weathered a state-of-emergency storm that will go down in history for its ferocity. Here are more photos of what is being dubbed as, Snowmageddon 2020, along with some quotes from our brave colleagues who made the best of a bad situation. 

Caitlin Lyall, HSE Analyst, VBME, wrote: “Sliding down the hill – or where the road is supposed to be! #Snowmageddon2020 was an opportunity to make the best of things for many people (snow forts, bon fires, parties with friends) but for me it was pretty stressful! My doorway was completely blocked in with snow, which is a huge safety hazard in the case of an emergency, and my three-year old son wasn’t much help with shovelling (and I may have left my shovels outside before the storm). That said, I got lots of quality time with my son and I didn’t need to go to the gym!” Photo: Caitlin Lyall

Greg Newhook, Long Harbour wrote: “While I was fortunate to be home with my family for the night of the storm, I did end up back onsite in Long Harbour the following day, where I spent the night helping to cleanup and dig out alongside the great team of folks who committed to staying behind all weekend, braving the storm. Most of our night was spent digging out emergency doorways, many of which were nearly completely buried, as shown in this photo. It was a long weekend, but not without its share of laughs and just a touch of cabin fever!” Photo: Greg Newhook

Lynne Murray wrote: “My street was buried; it took two days… to shovel to road. Shovelling was manually done. One good thing after the storm subsided was the beautiful weather.” Photo: Lynne Murray

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