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Things you need to know for September 22, 2021 – More nature apps

September 22, 2021

Caspain Tern. Photo: Scott Clarke

Further to our story about nature apps (see link below), we received an email from Fiona (Fi) Sharp, coordinator, Sustainability at our operation in Clydach, U.K., with suggestions for nature apps based in the U.K. We love hearing from our Vale News family of readers. If you have something to share or suggest, please reach out to us anytime (see contact info below). Now, here’s an excerpt from Fi’s email:

One of the best free apps that I have been using recently is Seek. Seek identifies insects, birds, plants, fungi and even gives you badges and challenges. It’s safe for children to use as well. You can identify something from a picture you have already taken on your phone or by aiming the picture viewer in the app at what you want to identify. Seek generates a list so you can record what you have seen. I believe you can specify where you are so it could be used in Canada and the U.S. as well.

There is also a free bird song identification app called BirdNet, which can be used in the U.K. and North America: It comes from Cornell lab where pretty much everything they do is good. I only recently found BirdNet so I hope to try it the next time I go birding.

Click here for more nature apps.

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