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Video quiz: How nickel powers batteries

September 1, 2021

Do you know how nickel powers batteries? Watch this video, then take the pop quiz below.

Our friends at the Nickel Institute launched a video called Nickel Powering Batteries, which showcases the essential role of nickel in batteries, particularly electric vehicle (EV) batteries. 

Watch the 1:50 second video by clicking here and then test how much you learned in the pop quiz below. 

You can also share it with a wider audience through YouTube or Vimeo

Welcome to your Video Quiz: How nickel powers batteries

The video refers to nickel as “the hidden metal” that powers our world. Which of the following items does nickel power?
Nickel is present in many green energy sources such as:
Which of the following makes up part of a lithium-ion battery?
When charging, lithium-ion starts where?
Why are so many EVs powered by nickel-containing batteries?
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