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What is Cryptolocker?

April 14, 2015

Comitê 2

A new virtual threat, called Cryptolocker, has recently been discovered. This computer virus is particularly nasty as it restricts access to your system and essentially “kidnaps” all of your files, demanding a ransom payment for the decryption key to retrieve your documents.

The encryption used is strong and there is currently no method available to decrypt the data. As the user, if you decide not to pay the ransom, you risk losing your personal files.

This trojan is spread primarily through emails and pop-ups with malicious links. Discovered in September 2013, it is estimated that the Cryptolocker has extorted more than US$27 million in ransom payments for fileswithin the first two months of its release, and by June 2014 it infected more than 234,000 computers.

Fernando Camarotti, Vale’s chief information security officer, recently sent a message to all IT leaders and business partners informing them about this new threat. “We would like to ask for your help and spread with your teams the importance of always paying close attention before clicking on any suspicious links and advertising, even in apparently safe sites, and also the need to create back up files regularly.”

Talk about Cryptolocker and other trojans and ransomwares with your teams and family. Warn them about their evolution and how they have evolved into being even more harmful than before. If you receive, or know about someone receiving, anything suspicious, please inform us immediately by email.

For more information, visit the Information Security page on the Global Intranet or send an email to Security is everyone’s responsibility!

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